The Vietnamese Cuisine is lighter and more refreshing than Thai food and more "tropical" and fragrant than the Chinese food.

The use of crisp, uncooked vegetables, subtle seasonings, raw herbs and unique flavour combinations all makes the Vietnamese Cuisine special.

Mandatory in Vietnamese cooking is nuoc mam - a salty, pale brown fermented fish sause which is widely used in many dishes or as an ingrediense in nuoc mam cham - a dip made of nuoc mam mixed with lime juice, vinegar, water, crushed garlic and fresh red chillies.
Raw crisp vegetables, exotic spices and unique flavour combinations are used in many dishes. 
As something very unique, a variety of fresh herbs are used in the Vietnamese Cuisine. 
Herbs like Basil, Coriander leaf, Polygonum and wild betel leaves are among the most widely used. 

The herbs are used in soups, stirred with meat, or served fresh and raw as an ingrediense in other dishes.


Restaurant Vietnam are welcoming you and we do hope that you will like the Vietnamese Cuisine.