Welcome to Restaurant VIETNAM.

The restaurant, which is situated in the calm part of Copenhagen called Østerbro, on the corner of Ndr. Frihavnsgade and Østbanegade, is the first Vietnamese restaurant in Copenhagen.
You can take a closer look on our exact location by clicking on "Where are we" in the left hand menu.
We can accommodate 80 guests in the restaurant, from where we have served traditional Vietnamese cuisine since 1984.

The restaurant is equipped in traditional Asiatic style and from these surroundings, our friendly staff will secure that your visit to VIETNAM will be the success that you are rightfully expecting when dining out. 

Vietnamese cuisine does in some ways resemble the Thai and Chinese cuisine but in other ways it is quite different.
Vietnamese food is lighter and more refreshing - using crisp, uncooked vegetables, subtle seasonings, raw herbs, and unique flavour combinations.
Often described as textural, with fresh sharp flavours, it is also more tropical and fragrant than Chinese food.

Please see our large variety of traditional Vietnamese dishes by clicking on "The Menu"

We are welcoming you to Restaurant VIETNAM.